As a doctor, you are very familiar with the “White Coat Syndrome”. It is when you enter an exam room and a patient subconsciously becomes a bit nervous and this vital signs increase, and when you take their blood pressure reading, the patient reports that is is much higher than it is when they check at home. But, now practicing as a cosmetic surgeon,and also with a focus on cosmetic dermatology, I have identified an even more common and problematic “White Coat Syndrome”. Patients for years, have been turning to non skincare experts wearing “white coats” to get advice on skincare and anti aging skincare products and procedures, when really, the true skincare experts are doctors who have studied the skin and continue to do so.

When the average person is looking for skincare advice, they are turning to spas or large department store makeup counters with highly marketed brands seen in magazines, on television commercials-or infommercials as well as on the internet. And worse is that many reputable dermatologists act as consultants to these companies that market false promises. This is a shame because truly the term “Doctor” means teacher, and many doctors are failing their skincare patients. That’s why I created Skin MD by The Cosmetic Medic. As a teenager, my sister worked at the makeup counter of one of these highly regarded “White Coat Ploy” companies. She was told then that they are mandated to wear the famous white coat because it represented authority and being reputable, like a doctor. The difference is we as Dr’s have spent at least 8 years in training. We do have the knowledge and can help with all of your skincare needs. We do know what are the best products to use for all of your skincare needs, both medical and cosmetic, such as wrinkle reduction, discoloration, and sagging skin.

Did you know? All skincare products sold at department stores, specialty retail stores, online, and on television are what are referred to as commercial grade skincare product and contain less than 1% active skincare ingredients, and are 99% water and chemicals, stabilizers. Only Medical Grade skincare products are allowed by manufacturing standards to contain 2% and greater amounts of active ingredients and proprietary biological type ingredients with proven research and clinical studies to establish that they really can and do change the quality and appearance of your skin! Come learn about truly great skincare products that even cost less than what you spend at the large department stores!

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